Intermittent Fasting for Today's Aging Woman


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What You Can Expect to Learn...

In our 3 week course you receive short, daily video lessons with a Fasting Guide & Journal and other accompanying downloadable resources on the following topics:

  • How to balance out your hormones without the use of HRT
  • The importance of clean fasting to heal your body 
  • How to live the keto-like lifestyle without focusing on counting calories or macros
  • The best way to eat for optimal results
  • The roles of micro/macro nutrients and why you will no longer need to manage them 
  • Why calorie counting is no longer necessary
  • Your food story and how it got you here
  • The importance of mindset
  • Using your WHY to maintain this new lifestyle 
  • Why using food as a punishment or reward is not effective
  • Managing stress without food

"This new way of taking care of myself is the answer I have been searching for for a decade. This approach is logical, healthy, and has already done wonders for me: no more hot flashes, anxiety, sleepless nights, bloated stomach, itchy skin, eating for comfort, lazy eating, or sense of helplessness. In just under a month I am a new woman. I have lost some pounds, so that's great, but more than that, I have the tools to get myself back to me. I know, without a doubt, that I have the power to take care of myself: my health, weight, and relationship to food. I am calm. I am feeling empowered. I am happy. What a gift! Dy Ann, I can't thank you enough for this course, how you present the information, your support, and all the research you've done. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to have myself back. This is a path I will continue to walk on for the rest of my life. "

Timathea W.
for Today's Aging Woman Course Graduate

"I had dabbled with IF before taking the course but that resulted in me stuffing my face during the feasting period so I was not reaping any true benefits. After taking the course I learned more about my mental relationship with food as well as the trigger foods that set off physical reactions. Talk about "A Ha" moments! Now I look at everything I consider putting in my body as whether or not it is worthy. Will eating this help me feel my best? Will it help me achieve my goals? And probably the most amazing change is being happy that I am hungry, not being afraid of hunger pangs, telling myself that is where the magic happens. Thank you, Dy Ann for opening my eyes, and for providing a true personalized course for us to learn. For once I finally feel at peace with my self. "

Janet R.
for Today's Aging Woman Course Graduate

"I binged Dy Ann's YouTube videos immediately after I found her. She provided me with the motivation and confidence to try the lifestyle for myself. Within days, I felt amazing - focused, happy, and energized. I signed up for the next course. Even though I was already doing IF, the course helped me home in on critical factors for long-term success. For me, it's not about the weight loss -although I have happily lost a few pounds - it's about my mental clarity and general sense of well-being. I'm 65 years old, and I've never felt better!"

Patty C.
for Today's Aging Woman Graduate

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